Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Should Vick play pro football again?

Absolutely not. He is the poster boy for the moral failure that has become so widespread in our modern society. He is the type of person that has no regard for any value for life and he infects those around him with that mentality. It's who he is, it's how he grew up, and it is so ingrained in him, it cannot be undone. Football stars are heroes that mainstream America puts on a pedestal. Little kids want to be like them. Do we really want the majority of our society, the ones who are largely unable to think for themselves, to see that as an example? To think that fighting dogs is cool? What a terrifying thought. No matter if he apologizes, and shows remorse for what he's done, which he has not done as of yet, after serving 2 years in prison for the crimes. No matter how well his PR team and law team groom and train him to act and coach him on what to say so that he may gain sympathy and possibly trust again from some. No way. No how. No football deal.

M. Burris
Raleigh, NC

(sent in to Sports Illustrated question)


JMMC said...

He should be allowed to play. He served the jail time and is doing his community service as part of his sentence. However, HE SHOULD also PAY finanically to reimburse rescue groups for medical treatment and rehabilitation of the injured dogs and for future living expenses for them- but won't.

Stephen said...

Never mind that he personally electrocuted, hung and beat dogs to death, all this after training them to do nothing but kill other dogs their whole lives. Blood on his hands...but hey, he deserves his football contract back, a multi-million dollar deal with Nike, and while we're at it, how about a reality show? Society is f****d.