Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pit Bulls For Obama

I can't help but think that pit bulls, and all animals everywhere, for that matter, will be better off if Obama wins the presidential election next Tuesday. There's no question (at least from my viewpoint) the middle class will be better off, but people who know me best know if there's one thing I am passionate about above most others, it's animals and their well-being. 

I rescued two pit bulls this year after losing two of my whippets in the past two years. I think one of the reasons I relate well to pit bulls is that as member of the middle class, over time I think we've been "left behind", "swept under the carpet" and there has been an overall neglect of us, as if we didn't matter in this great country. I know how it feels to be cast aside and exploited...which is the life of the general population of pit bulls. The people who've been in charge are definitely in a different class than us, and therefore they chose to ignore us. They've been kind of busy anyway lining their pockets....with our retirement savings, and with the money they've demanded from us for gasoline, which they know we depend on to go about our daily lives. Maybe I did forget to give them credit for remembering the middle class for one specific reason, and that is, when they needed soldiers to go to Iraq and die for the oil money they have been profiting from. Exxon reported a $14.8 billion profit today. So they didn't forget us entirely.

Pit bulls have been exploited for years to make big money for people who have forced them to fight when it's not really what they would choose to do. They live to please people and so they are easy to exploit.

There's a huge problem with this way of governing the people, and that is, that the middle class makes up THE MAJORITY of the population. So this year everyone will have a chance to change that. You must not pass up this rightful opportunity! Go out today and vote early. Unless you like what's been happening the past 8 years.

Obama is the more compassionate candidate. He will be giving tax cuts to 90% of Americans, the ones who make less than $250,000 per year. So if you fall into that category, it probably makes more sense for you to vote for him. You, along with pit bulls and animals everywhere will be much better off for it. If you do make over $250,000 per year, by all means, vote for McCain. He will look after you.

VOTE TODAY. It is your obligation and your duty as an American.