Thursday, August 25, 2011

What We As Rescuers Always Think About

I wanted to share a blog that I follow a lot. It's called Zen Habits ( I love the posts, they always offer some truth about life and I go away feeling more peaceful about what I'm doing with mine. This one is about feeling that what you're doing is good enough....which I know people in rescue ALWAYS feel...what if I could have saved this one or that all know what I mean.

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Here is the post called THE TRAGEDY OF MISSING OUT:

Hope you like it!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

We started doing some fun photo contests at The Positive Pit Bull a few months ago and the response has been overwhelming. It’s so obvious that there are many, many pit bulls out there that are well-loved, and well-taken care of by many RESPONSIBLE owners! My heart was warmed by ALL of the pictures that were submitted, and some of them made me laugh out loud when they popped up on my screen! The “BEST PIT BULL SMILE” contest is my favorite so far for funny pics. I hope that you will take the time to click through the photo albums of the three contests we’ve had so far, and YOUR hope will be restored like mine was, by looking at all the wonderful things people are doing with their pit bulls. Kind of counters some of the negative things we see and stories we hear about these, our favorite dogs on the planet.

I’m including a sample of the winners pics that just made my day, but these are not all of them I feel this way about....there are just so many in those albums, and this blog is limited in what it will allow me to include.

Enjoy! And please keep sending in your best shots of your pit bulls, it really does make my day, and I know it makes a lot of other people’s day too!

For some reason, my photos loaded in wonky order, so I ended up captioning them so you can see what's what....The one that has a lot of photos in it shows the choices from the best pit bull smile contest that the judges had to choose from...they are hilarious! There were SO many great pit bull smile submissions, we may have to run this contest again! :)

The white smiling dog is the PEOPLES CHOICE for winner of best pit bull smile and this one is truly hilarious! THANKS to Ashlie Burke for sending this GREAT shot in!

The upside down dog is the JUDGES CHOICE for winner of the best pit bull smile contest! THIS will get you smiling if not laughing out loud! This was sent in from Ettel Edshteyn -THANKS ETTEL!

The little girl in the grass is the winner of the SWEETEST PIT BULLS WITH KIDS photo contest! THANK YOU to Michelle Anderson Zechmann for this beautiful photo of a little girl kissing the big scary pit bull!! Woot! Can you say A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E.????

And finally, our third contest winner, PIT BULLS ARE FAMILY MEMBERS contest. THANK YOU to Marisa Mierek for this beautiful photo of her son with their beautiful pit bull Louie, who is a special needs dog....and IS part of their family!

You pit bull fans ROCK! Thank you so much for loving the breed as much as we at The Positive Pit Bull do, and for treating your dog as a family member, and for spoiling him/her rotten, and then sharing it all with us. Please keep up the good fight of showing your dog in the most positive ways possible whenever you get a chance, and making a difference for pit bulls everywhere.

We love you pit bull peeps!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

COOKIE, Starved Dog Needs Help

I would like to personally thank any of you who gave dollars to help me with Cookie. This girl has come a long way from where I picked up in her life and it's been made so much easier to do with the help from you, who truly cared about this girl. She is an absolute joy to be around and I hope to write about her and update everyone on her very soon!